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                                  KIM D. BRUMMELL
                                          OWNER/WRITER/EXEC. PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR 
                                   "HOT OFF THE PRESS" INDEPENDENT FILMS, LLC

Born and raised in the state of Virginia (DMV).  Kim Brummell moved to North Carolina at a young age. During school, English was her favorite and easiest subject.  Kim is the heart & soul of "Hot Off The Press" Independent Films, LLC.  Writing would be a boring topic for her, until she realized it was her ultimate gift for expressing emotions and relaying a story.  Her love for music has roots that goes all the way back to the days of the late Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye.  Mother use to be one of the best dancers in town; going from club to club performing and travelling, a slight resemblance of Aretha Franklin.  In those days, music was life!   

Before realizing her gift in writing or film production, Kim Brummell was maintaining a career in the U.S. Army.  She served six years in the armed forces stateside and overseas; served in a war & conflict, worked under a top government clearance, received numerous national medals and awards.  While in the military, Kim also pursued a degree in Criminal Justice through Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas and Vance - Granville Community College in Henderson, North Carolina.  Kim will continue her education when time permits.

In 2003, Kim hired two top screenwriting consultants were hired over a six month period.  They were Melody Jackson of Smartgirls Productions in Sherman Oaks, C.A. and Donie Nelson in California.  Learning all the basics of creating a good story had begun.
 Kim's favorite thing to do is produce musical events in her videography work; from mainstream artists to Independent.  She has covered major concert tours, met famous musicians/rappers & networked with numerous people in the entertainment business.  Film plus music is her primary passion giving the desire to bring visual characters & sound to life.

One thing Kim has learned in the world of film, if you want something accomplished, you have to keep the "faith" & acquire the leadership to get it done yourself.

            ADAM WILLIAMS

Straight from Bronx, New York and residing in Raleigh, N.C., Adam Williams makes "magic" in the post-production of HOTP projects.  He is the Associate Producer and Editor.  Adam delivers the finishing touch like no other.  He is the owner & CEO of Azhea Entertainment based in Ralegh, North Carolina since 2002.  From commercials, TV shows, videos, films to website hosting Azhea Entertainment can "deliver" with top-quality, state-of-the-art equipment and do it all!  Adam can bring any film to life, always professional.

He has long been a part of the major network
WRAL/Fox 50 TV News family in the control/operations center as an Editor.  Check out his website for more details and contact information. 
Email:   info@azhea.com 
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